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Blitz Waves is a French-Spanish pop rock singer. Originally from Toulouse, he has always had an interest in music. He began the piano when he was six years old before picking up the guitar during his teen years and putting together his first music group with two neighborhood friends. After his initial move to Montpellier, the group went their separate ways. 


A few years later, in Toulouse, Blitz Waves got back in the music scene with many artistic experiences. Feeling an irresistible appeal, Blitz Waves decided to come to Barcelona to debut his musical career in 2018.  


Blitz Waves performs different pop rock reprises from their own music studio. The covers welcome powerful electric guitars to create simple yet hard-hitting melodic atmosphere.


Top influences include groups like Angels and Airwaves, Mika, Green Day, Simple Plan, as well as Téléphone, Kygo, and Coldplay. 


The name Blitz Waves and its logo were chosen to evoke both opposition and complementarity at the same time. The balance between these elements is represented in the logo by two inverse “up and down” triangles.



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